Shooting Pink



Fighters wanted!  This photo session is for you if you’ve fought the fight and you’ve refused to take it sitting down.  You’re here today, stronger than ever.

I’ve been fortunate not to have had to experience the fight against cancer.  Others I know and love have not been as lucky.  This is for them.  This is for Gillian and Jane and Kendra.   This is for any woman who has battled cancer and wants to empower and rejuvenate herself.

And this is for Debbie, who made me believe that I okay just the way I was.  I wish I could have captured her infectious laughter.  She has inspired the monthly ‘Fighters Wanted Shoot’

If you know a woman who would benefit from a photo session that will empower her and turn all her ‘body frowns’ upside down…please let me know.  Give me your digits or email below and I’ll we’ll get started!

I’d Guess… | It’s boudoir time

  If you ask me, anytime is Boudoir photography time…I would have to say NOW is definitely the time. The one we love…our partner…our one and only is thrilled to have some lovely photos to look at.   She thought so!  Thank you!